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Peaceful Vanilla Club

Peaceful Vanilla Club (PVC) is a Java/Bedrock cross-play, old-style and semi-vanilla PvE server where the staff always works really hard to fix bugs, glitches and to keep under control the laggy nature of Minecraft. You will find a lot of quality of life improvements. However, there are no minigames, no factions, and we will never introduce anything that goes outside the original Minecraft's feel, including /tpa or /warp! Yup, this is a server where you can't teleport around the map, relax and enjoy your walk.

Java or Bedrock

The server is based on Java Edition but you can play with Bedrock Edition too! This means you can play with MCPE (Pocket Editon) on iOS and Android smartphones. Xbox PlayStation and Switch can play too if you change DNS to allow 3rd party servers! Of course, you can (and should) play also with the good old Java Edition. Peaceful Vanilla Club is one of the few semi-vanilla servers to offer Java and Bedrock Edition cross-play thanks to the Geyser Proxy!

Vivecraft Virtual Reality

Peaceful Vanilla Club is a VR friendly server. We officially support the Vivecraft VR mod for Minecraft Java Edition, but the official Minecraft VR version for Oculus works very well too!

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Key points

Main server features

  1. Since June 2019 (1 Year old, open 24/7)
  2. Vanilla
  3. Java Edition & Crossplay Pocket Edition (Bedrock)
  4. Farlands
  5. Easy to Use Land Claim Blocks
  6. Mature and Active Players & Staff
  7. Peaceful & Friendly Community
  8. Lots of improvements (decorative heads, sit, unstuck, unions, events, deathchests, much more ...)
  9. Player managed economy (create shop, sell, buy items)
  10. LGBTQ+ Friendly

Vote for us

We will reward you for each vote

You can vote the server once every 24 hours on each of the following websites. The rewards are quite funny! 💎 The current reward for voting are some Emeralds, some food, some stuff related to bees and occasoinally a DumbPot. A DumbPot is a unique, completely randomized potion. Every DumbPot has 5 randomly applied effects, with 5 different random intensities (positive or negative!). The name is very dumb too! Vote to see. Maybe you will be lucky enough to receive the ultimate DumbPot: one with all 5 positive effects (and possibly the dumbest name too)!

Learn more

Discord, features and the Wiki!

Want to know more? 😎 Then you need to know that the community here lives on our Discord server! There you can share screenshots, start discussions, find friends to chat with and read the latest server news. Then you absolutely need to know that Peaceful Vanilla Club has an official Fandom Wiki. You can edit it too! Add your creations to the listing, so that they can be remembered forever. You can find some useful guides there too, for example:


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Let's face it. Maybe you really want to help us pay server bills, but you don't want to donate. Well, even a single Euro is helpful for us! But if you are having problems donating, buy stuff on Amazon from our affiliate links! We will get a commission on what you pay, but prices for you won't increase even by a cent. Amazon itself will give us a small tip!

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